WikiLeaks to post new American diplomatic documents from the period 1973-1976



Julian Assange, the Australian founder of “WikiLeaks” will publish today, April 08, over 1.7 million of secret American diplomatic documents from the ‘70s, notes, reports and correspondence that will highlight “the wide fan and the field of” American influence in the world, according to the British Press Association (PA).

The new documents published Monday on the website will cover the period 1973-1976. But unlike those in 2010, they will not reveal leaks and can be found in the U.S. National Archives. Among these are the letters sent or received by U.S. Secretary of State at that time, Henry Kissinger.

Julian A., the computer activist caused some furors in the United States publishing in 2010, both hundreds of thousands of documents classified as secret about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also confidential diplomatic messages that in an embarrassing situation the governments around the world.

Julian Assange took refuge at the Embassy of Ecuador in London in order to escape an extradition to Sweden for a case of supposable rape and sexual assault, in which he maintains his innocence.

Ecuador has granted political asylum, but London intends to implement the Swedish arrest warrant.

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