NGOs verbaly warns the Romanian President in a letter on his discriminating statements about Rome people

roma4After the Romanian President Traian Basescu made offensive statements against the Roma (gypsies) people about the birth rates, the Legal Resources Center (CRJ) and Romani Criss signed a letter in which they bring to the attention of the president that the statements discriminate and offend the Roma and Romanian women.

The NGOs haven’t forgotten to remind that Romania goes on a slippery road even more because of these statements.

“You addressed your statements about the problem of low birth rates in Romania, in a chauvinistic and misogynistic manner, offending and discriminating. Arguments such as <<Romanian women, you have the duty to give birth to children given that the Roma people are making more babies than you and the structure of the country will be changing>> fall in the statement category to discriminate. Ignore the fact that just a few months ago, in Timisoara and in Alba Iulia were proposed and supported solutions of sterilization the Roma women, starting from the idea that they would make too many children.

Even if you have not proposed this solution, is frightening that at the Romanian state leadership is a person who resonates with concern from the perspective of the ethnic composition of the country for the fact that the birth of the most discriminated minority in Romania is higher, “said the two associations.

Their representatives also states that “in Nazi Germany, the number of Jews was one of the main concerns of the Reich” and “Romania has implemented such legislation at that time.”

The president is criticized for seeing the birth rate problem a “a clear separation between Romanians and Roma people”, since he believes that the Romanian women have the patriotic duty to have more children, to maintain the majority structure of the Romanian people until 2030”.

They are also reminding the president about the Decree 770/1966 which interdicts abortion with the same arguments that he would have made Traian Basescu to Romanian business women, “namely that   would harm the” birth rate and natural growth rate. ”

The President Traian Basescu, declared on Tuesday at a meeting by the magazine Business Woman, that because of the actual decreasing birth rate, in 2030 Romania  will have 15 million inhabitants and the structure will be changed because the Roma minority is very productive , mentioning that the Romanian women have a duty for our country.

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One thought on “NGOs verbaly warns the Romanian President in a letter on his discriminating statements about Rome people

  1. Ioana, this is a very difficult topic to discuss without generating the ire of the hard right and a backlash from discrimination critics. This is the same the world over. I would say that if substantiated statistics show that a certain group present a high risk to society in terms financial, social, education, medical, etc, then they need to the focus of mitigation program. Care must be taken to ensure this is not done in a discriminatory way. If a group chose (?) not to integrate and progress with normal society then they can become a burden on the society through the costs of welfare and social support to prevent generation of a ‘peasant race’. Birth control may seem an easy short-term solution, but I think does not change the parameters of what is causing the problem. Very hard to resolve.

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