Comment: Kim Jong-Un should re-consider his acts before threatening some of the political powers

35j3tcWe all figure it out that North Korea tries everyone’s patience by threatening with thermonuclear war on South Korea, maybe because everyone underestimates its power and thinks of it as being one small communist country that begs for attention but also tries to show that no one should mess with North-Koreans. Believe it or not, as serious as it seemed at the beginning, right now is nothing but little “notes” sent to South-Korea where is written “Give me back my pencil or else…”.

They announced through a press declaration that the embassies should evacuate the staff because they don’t want to make any damages to their countries. Well, for one thing, we are talking about Russia, the most extended country in the world that in the time of the Soviet Union was the dominant republic that had concentration camps in Gulag during 1925, where million people that Stalin or local bodies of power have suspected of disloyalty were executed or deported to labor camps. According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Russia spent in 2011 nearly USD 72 billion on arms and is planning further increases in its military spending, with draft budgets showing a 53 percent rise in real terms up to 2014. As for nuclear preparation, in November 2012, the Federation of American Scientists estimated that Russia has approximately 1,499 deployed strategic warheads, and another 1,022 nondeployed strategic warheads and approximately 2,000 tactical nuclear warheads.

United States is also a power we should consider. Everyone should know that it has the world’s largest defense budget. In fiscal year 2010, the Department of Defense had a base budget of USD 533.8 billion. It was the first country to develop nuclear weapons, and is the only country to have used them in warfare, with the separate bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II. Before and during the Cold War, it conducted over a thousand nuclear tests and developed many long-range weapon delivery systems. As of September 2009 it possessed 5,113 warheads operationally deployed, in active reserve, or held in inactive storage. This figure compares to a peak of 31,225 total warheads in 1967 and 22,217 in 1989, and does not include “several thousand” warheads that have been retired and scheduled for dismantlement.

It seems that sir Kim Jong-Un keeps upsetting China, Japan, South Korea, America, Russia and so on but the threatens are made on South Korea and United States. It is curious to observe how things have changed since his ascension to power from December 2011 until now:

– 2011 -December 19 – Kim Jong-Un has been appointed to more than 30 years, the leader of the regime in Pyongyang after the death of his father, Kim Jong-II.

-2012– February 29: North Korea agreed to suspend nuclear and ballistic activities in exchange for U.S. food aid, but gave up this commitment after a few months.

12 December: North Korea launched a rocket Unha-3 type designed under the arrangement, to place a civilian satellite in orbit. The international community has denounced the ballistic test.

-2013- February 12: North Korea conducted the third nuclear test, a superior one to the previous two (2006 and 2009).

– February 25: Park Geun-Hye, elected president of South Korea has warned that it will not tolerate the slightest provocation on the behalf of North Korea.

March 7: North Korea has threatened that there is a thermonuclear war risk, threatening Washington with a preventive nuclear attack.

March 8: North Korea announced the cancellation of non-aggression agreement with the South.

-March 11: South Korea and U.S. have initiated common military maneuvers.

– March 15: U.S. consolidated the missile defense device.

– March 18: The Pentagon has sent Type B-52 bombers that flew over South Korea.

March 21: North Korea has threatened to attack U.S. bases in Japan and Guam Island.

– March 28: Two U.S. bombers B-2 took part in a training mission in South Korea.

-March 30: North Korea announced that it is at war with the southern neighbors.

– April 2: North Korea announced it would restart a nuclear reactor closed in 2007 and consolidated device missiles on the east coast.

– April 3rd: Pyongyang prevent employee access to South Korean industrial complex in Kaesong, the symbol of inter-Korean cooperation

-April 4: U.S. has installed missile system on the island of Guam.

– April 6: Washington postponed the testing of intercontinental missiles that would be launched from a base in California.

– April 8: South Korea claims it has pointers on North Korea preparing to test a new ballistic.

I am sure of the fact that North-Korea will continue to threaten and even maybe start a ballistic war or thermo-nuclear one but this country shouldn’t upset so many people because in the end the one that will be crying is “baby doll face” Kim Jong-Un.

The worst thing I could think that will happen to North-Korea is that the country will start a war and will be so bombed from everywhere that there will not remain any living soul on that land. So maybe the North-Korean gangsta will like to reconsinder his actions and try and think in the favor of his country not out of selfishness and pride.

Ioana Toader,

3 thoughts on “Comment: Kim Jong-Un should re-consider his acts before threatening some of the political powers

  1. Ioana, you last point IS the worst case, but I think not likely by the more level-headed leaders that he is challenging and/or annoying. The total destruction of a people, due to the leader’s egotistical actions would weigh heavy on those who were involved. I think a more ‘surgical’ reaction be more likely, to try to bring a regime change.

    • I agree with you Sam, but the decision of changing the regime has to come from the leader of NK and the people that are advising Kim. For now, he is only playing with the “candy”…I hope he won’t eat it too soon if you know what I mean 🙂

  2. Good piece, interesting perspective there from Romania. Here in the USA, most people don’t give his threats the time of day. But neither did people take a little man in Germany seriously before he plunged Europe and the world into WWII.

    If you really want to see the literal “Dark Side” of N.Korea, Google, satellites images of N.Korea at night. The difference is stunning between the North and the South.
    Kim Jong-Un is like a pesky little fly on a horse’s rear end but a very dangerous little fly armed with nuclear weapons. Let just pray that he and his military leaders are not crazy or stupid enough to use them. Best thing we can do, is bomb them with food and medical supplies, education and free satellite mobile phones to connect them to the outside world.

    enjoy your blog, keep up the good work!

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