Euro increases today and reaches the maximum of the past two weeks

Euro- LEU

Romanian National Bank (BNR) announced on Wednesday, April 3, an increasing reference course of 0.49 bani to RON/EUR 4.4228, the national currency quotations being over RON/EUR 4.42 in the first part of the interbank session.

Also, the currency for the American dollar increased from RON/EUR 3.4398 to 3.4471, with 0.73 bani.

The rate for the Swiss franc decreased slightly from RON/CHF 3.6372 to 3.6340.

The listings RON/USD and RON/CHF are calculated by the Romanian National Bank depending on the parity RON/EUR and the exchange rates EUR/USD and EUR/CHF.

The interests charged on Wednesday morning by the commercial banks for deposits in RON for one day term continued to decrease and reached 4.21-4.71 percent per year, after Tuesday when it reached 4.49 percent-4.99 percent.

The analysts from ING Bank consider that this decrease of rates is related to the mismatch between maturities of government securities that will be issued and the securities falling due this month.

“Most of the state security titles, totaling  RON 2.5 billion, planned to be issued in April have maturities of over one year, while securities worth RON 2.8 billion which reach the same end of term in April were issued on a short term. Therefore, it is possible that most of the amounts due in April will not change the maturity profile of the investment and remain in the market, “says a report released Wednesday by ING Bank.

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